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Mastercard and Hakisa enable welfare operators and NGOs to digitally manage cash processes with an innovative card product

April 12, 2022

Frankfurt, April 11 2022 – Mastercard and Hakisa today announce their long-term strategic partnership. Together, the two companies have invested in a digital solution for the simple, secure and efficient design of cash management enhanced with accounting services for the social economy and NGOs. The solution is based on Hakisa’s established community platform technology. The

[Collaborator profile] Morgane: the bicultural chameleon

January 9, 2020

Hakisa is first and foremost an international team who is committed on a daily basis to the social and responsible use of new technologies. From their careers to their motivations, through their daily missions, discover the profiles of our employees. After Thomas’s profile, our R&D manager, it’s now Morgane’s turn to tell us more about

PWA, new menu: the end of the year is full of products at Hakisa

December 2, 2019

Hakisa is always developing its technology! As it’s important for us to listen to our customers and users feedbacks, we present today the new features of our platforms: PWA, new design for our headers & menu, customization of services, integration of notifications… PWA : use & benefits The Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is technology allowing

[Collaborator profile] Thomas: the architecture specialist

October 30, 2019

Hakisa is first and foremost an international team committed to a social and responsible use of new technologies. Development, marketing, customer services… We are pleased to introduce you to the passionate people of Hakisa, who are constantly improving its technology. After Michèle our Front-End fairy, Thomas, our Head of R&D and lead developer tells us

[Collaborator profile] Michèle: the Front-End fairy

October 11, 2019

Hakisa is first and foremost an international team committed to a social and responsible use of new technologies. From Strasbourg, France to Schwabach, Germany, we are pleased to introduce you to the passionate people of Hakisa, who are constantly improving its technology. Development, marketing, customer services… All the members of the Hakisa team have agreed

File management, text editor, wallpapers, subscription form… Hakisa technology is evolving

August 28, 2019

Summer was no easy time at Hakisa: file management, new editor, redesign of the subscription form and new wallpapers… Discover the new features of the Hakisa technology! File management: more simple, more secure The Hakisa technology allows administrators and users to share files and photos within their platforms. The security of our users and their

New website, new brand identity: (re)discover the Hakisa technology!

July 25, 2019

Since its founding in 2011, Hakisa’s offer and technology have been constantly improving. We are very pleased to announce today the launch of our new website! A complete redesign of the new Hakisa website now offers a better view of our technology, projects and vision. The new website, available in three languages (French, German, English),

New Design on Hakisa: optimization of My Clubs & My Apps

August 6, 2018

The Hakisa solution is constantly evolving. When optimizing the platform, Hakisa always takes into account the feedback of its users in order to meet their different needs. This time we are proud to present you the redesign of the Clubs to provide a better overview and make navigation even more ergonomic. There is also a new

New on Hakisa: an alarm management application for IoT

March 28, 2018

Working for the well-being at home at all age, Hakisa technology integrates the alarm management of connected devices that secure homes and people. In order to best meet the needs of its customers and their users, Hakisa now offers business managers a complete alarm management application to manage their customers’ IoT alarms. Alarm management application: socializing the

Hakisa technology: a new claim feature to manage user feedback

February 28, 2018

Hakisa develops an innovative technology to enable professionals to manage and animate their communities and provide them all the services they need on a daily basis. Thus, Hakisa strives to equip administrators with all the tools necessary for community management. Among these tools, the Hakisa technology now includes an application of conversations between Club Managers and

New feature on Hakisa: create your own surveys

February 7, 2018

The Hakisa solutions aim to simplify the animation of communities through a simple and flexible digital platform. But what is a community management platform good for, if you are not able to get the opinion of your users? Today we have the pleasure to present you a new feature that has just been added to our solutions:

Hakisa is evolving: new notification system

November 30, 2017

You have chosen one of the Hakisa solutions? To help you better meet the needs of your users, we are constantly working to improve Hakisa technology. This time we revised our notification system and are excited to present you the new features that are added! Notification system: What is new? The following improvements to the notification system