[Collaborator profile] Morgane: the bicultural chameleon

Hakisa is first and foremost an international team who is committed on a daily basis to the social and responsible use of new technologies. From their careers to their motivations, through their daily missions, discover the profiles of our employees.

After Thomas’s profile, our R&D manager, it’s now Morgane’s turn to tell us more about her career, her motivations and her missions.

Morgane is a project manager at Hakisa GmbH in Schwabach (Germany). For almost a year now, she has been juggling between communication, marketing and customer project management. She is described as an involved & fun person and always committed to the projects she works on. Discover more about her through this interview!


Hakisa collaborator Morgane the bicultural chameleon

Hello Morgane, could you tell us more about yourself?

“My name is Morgane, I’m 25 and it’s kind of hard for me to tell where I come from. I was born in Corrèze (France), grew up in Nantes (France) and in the last 6 years of higher education I lived in 7 different cities. Today I consider German Bavaria as my “Heimat” (my home, in German). Since I moved here in Eichtätt in Octobre 2015, I feel at home.”


Could you tell us more about your background before joining Hakisa?

“After graduation from high school, I completed a year in an intensive foundation degree in literature. Then I started a two-year dual course in political science in Rennes and completed my course in Reichstett, Germany. I wanted to supplement my degree with a final year of Master’s degree in “Marketing Events” at the EM Business School in Strasbourg. At the same time, I was working as an apprentice project manager in public events in Reims.

At the end of my degree I applied for a VIE (International Volunteer Program) offer in Schwabach, at Hakisa. I missed Germany very much, so I was happy to be able to go back! German culture suits me quite well.”


Why do you like to work at Hakisa ?

“First of all, the position is in Germany, and that’s what I was looking for. Secondly, I never worked in the new technologies field before joining Hakisa, which excites me. Finally, the most important thing for me at Hakisa is that the projects are all very diverse and I am learning new aspects of technology every day.”


What are your missions at Hakisa ?

“I’m in charge of managing customer projects in Germany as well as working on all the marketing aspects of the company. In addition, I’m in charge of the communication for the German Market: updating the website, managing social media and the translating content from French to German.

My job appeals to me much because of the variety of tasks I have to do. I also appreciate the collaboration with all the members of the team, whether in Germany or in France, but also the autonomy that is granted to me in a structure that remains on a human size.”


If you were a feature or characteristic of the platform, which one  would you be?

“I would be the “RSS Feed”, it’s a simple feature that allows club managers to automatically publish content within their space. It’s a great feature because it makes it easier for the customer to promote his Club by automatically integrating the articles from his blog (if he has one) on the platform.”


Which colleagues are the most important for you ?

“Hakisa is a small team, so every team member is essential! Personally, I work with everyone in Germany and France.

Still, my daily partner is Max, we handle customer meetings and project management together in Germany. However, the marketing and communication department in France is also important for some of my missions. I work a lot with Violine on communication and marketing for Germany. It’s a real team work!”


Thank you Morgane !

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