We are customer-driven, passionate and attentive

Since 2011, Hakisa has been committed to build a platform technology for operating community-based digital services.

Our history

Caring, listening and respecting privacy are the values that drive the Hakisa team.

Thus, Hakisa strives to offer innovative solutions, respecting the state of the art of technology without loosing sight of the social responsibility and ethical business practices required for our customers


The dashboard and the website get a new design

April 2019

BeHome (Better@Home Service) becomes the first Hakisa distributor on the German market

November 2018

SUITE research project on augmented housing and its economic model in Germany

January 2018

First contract and research project in Germany: the Charge4C on electromobility

October 2017

Kick-off of the “Réseau de Confiance” project with Malakoff Médéric Humanis, a major French insurance group

July 2017

creation of the German subsidiary: Hakisa GmbH

June 2017

Hager Group and Réseau APA (through its investment funds, GENALIA) aquire a stake in Hakisa

June 2016

Change in marketing positioning and launch of the B2B service platform offer

February 2015

Signature of a strategic partnership agreement with Hager Group

September 2014

Creation of the Facilien joint venture through a partnership with SILECO

June 2013

Launch of the Hakisa technology beta version and first capital investment

July 2012

First platform prototype, focusing on reducing the digital divide between generations

December 2011

Creation of Hakisa SAS in France by Eric Gehl and Olivier Audouze

Our board of directors

Combining experienced professionals from the telecommunications, industrial and healthcare sectors, Hakisa benefits from a high level of expertise within its board of directors, investors and management team.

This synergic skill set has contributed to establish Hakisa as a market leader in emerging markets implementing digital service platforms and community engagement solutions.


Genalia is an investment fund created by the Réseau APA a French organization with 70 years of experience in homecare services.

Private investors

Our German and American investors contribute their experience of digital market and company internationalization.

Hager Group

Being an industry market leader in electrical installations, Hager Group supports Hakisa with industrialization and scalability, especially in the housing sector.

Our team

Our highly invested and passionate team will put all its skills and experiene into a successful deployment of your projects.

Eric Gehl

Co-founder, CEO

My contribution to Hakisa represents more than 27 years of experience in operational and executive management and track record of growing digital businesses in the global market.

Our ambition is to establish Hakisa as the market leader in community engagement and service platforms.

Olivier Audouze

Co-founder, COO, CTO

With more than 29 years of experience in the software industry, my contribution to Hakisa is to build a reliable and scalable platform technology for tier 1 markets adressing large communities.

Being recognized as the most innovative and robust platform in the industry and deployed in numerous locations around the world is our ambition as a team.

Jürgen Hofmann

CMO, Hakisa GmbH

I joined Hakisa early 2019 as GM of Hakisa GmbH responsible for the German speaking markets. My main focus is the business development and the setting up of a partner network in Germany. With an lenthier experience in heading social and homecare organizations, I am best positioned to understand the needs for digitatization for operators with a strong social responsibility.

Max Geier

Project Manager

Since 2017, I have been working as a project manager at Hakisa GmbH. My main goals are the success of our customer projects and the development of new business models based on digital service offers.

Michèle Marais

Senior Front-End Devleopper

As a Senior Front-End developer, I am committed to providing dynamic, well-constructed and easy-to-use interfaces.

Nicolas Fragnet

Back-end developer

With 10 years experience in the web and the PHP ecosystem, I manage the backend development and software architecture of the platform.
I strive to guarantee a high level of quality, maintainability and scalability.

Join us

Hakisa is always on the lookout for new talents and driven people. Do not hesitate to send us an application!

Find us

Strasbourg, France

8 place de l’hôpital
67000 Strasbourg, France

Kehl, Allemagne

Rheinstraße 66
77694 Kehl, Deutschland

Schwabach, Allemagne

O’Brien-Straße 2
91126 Schwabach, Deutschland

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