Our solution for social landlords and real-estate operators

Facing the challenges of the 21st century

At Hakisa, we fully understand the challenges faced by real estate and social landlords. The present aging of the population, the consequent Age-Quake and induced social evolutions will increasingly drive the demand on home centric services where insuring best quality of life in the home becomes essential.

Continuous improvement of the care system care and demographic boom have created demand for an aging population that wants to live at home for as long as possible while maintaining social link, autonomous living and well-being within the neighborhood.

Digital is a significant opportunity to meet these increasing home centric needs and expectations. The apartments and homes will have to evolve and better adapt to the seniors life and health pathway. Home automation technologies favor ambient assisted living but are insufficient to meet the full-scale demand of senior tenants.

Our commitments

Develop your key advantages to attract, retain and better serve your residents.
We help social landlords and facility managers to evolve and digitize their service offerings in order to attract and retain senior clients seeking best possible habitats adapted to their lifestyle aspirations, happy living places in aging and retiring, friendly and secure community living and places where essential services are easily accessible to them.

Our solution

The digital platform of configurable services to help you succeed in your digital transition and achieve your economic, environmental, and societal goals.

Our team is at your side to ensure the smooth execution of your digital strategies and capture the associated economic value creation.

You will benefit from our 9 years market experience in defining and supporting local communities maximizing the impact of your missions.

With our partners we help you define, create and integrate the economic and social ecosystem to succeed in your digital territory and sectorial project.

Our solution is open, modular and configurable to your brand. You can think "big" but
quickly start a small project, validate the results, and then deploy widely in your facilities.

The main Customer Benefits

Our experience shows us that the main customers benefits are :

  • Improving living well together and virtuous behaviors within communities
  • Facilitating social link, inclusive living and mutual aid especially in times of crisis
  • Offering services tailored to residents according to their life paths, needs and desires
  • Enabling a local ecosystem with high added value creation for your residents but also for your partners
  • Saving time and productivity for community management and optimize operating costs
  • Improve economic value creation and develop tenant loyalty

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