Our solution for territories, cities and local administrations

Our territories are undergoing a profound and rapid evolution

We are all citizens and we are seeing the rapid transformation of our society, with an increasing demand for more participative democracy and empowerment, for more concrete actions relative environmental and social responsibility and for a sustainable economy that supports our way of life.

The rapid digitalization of our world and the increasing Mass-Market platforms dependency must also be mastered so that it leaves no one on the side of the road and that the data collected are not misused but rather serves the durable development and attractivity of the territories.

The digitization of services is a great tool to get closer to citizens, to empower communities, to support the local trusted parties, to promote virtuous behavior, citizenship and thus to achieve your Sustainable Development Goals.

Our value proposition

Reach your social and environmental goals.
We help territories, local operators and communities achieve their social and environmental goals in order to improve the quality of life of citizens, to develop the attractiveness of the territory and local economy. We also help the territories with resilience and sovereignty.

Our solution

Reach your social, environmental, and economic goals

We help territories and local administrations achieve their SDG goals in order to improve the quality of life of their citizens, to develop the attractiveness of the territory and the local economy. We also help the territories prepare for what’s next in becoming more resilient and sovereign.

Our team is at your side to ensure the smooth execution of your marketing and digital
strategies and help you gain attractiveness, sovereignty and resilience.


We bring you our 9 years of experience in managing local communities maximizing user benefits and territorial positive impact.

Wit our partners we help you define, create and manage the communities in the local
economic and social ecosystem essential to the success of a digital project.

Our solution is open, modular and configurable to your brand. You can think of "big" but
quickly start a small project, validate the results and then deploy widely throughout the territory.

Customer Benefits

Our experience shows us that our customers have the following benefits:

  • Achievement of social and environmental goals
  • Local economic development and digital sovereignty
  • Providing services tailored to citizens' communities according to their needs and desires
  • Controlled Information and Communication with better responsiveness in the event of a crisis
  • Improving democratic dialogue, community empowerment and citizen engagement

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