[Collaborator profile] Michèle: the Front-End fairy

Hakisa is first and foremost an international team committed to a social and responsible use of new technologies. From Strasbourg, France to Schwabach, Germany, we are pleased to introduce you to the passionate people of Hakisa, who are constantly improving its technology.

Development, marketing, customer services… All the members of the Hakisa team have agreed to answer a few questions to let you know more about their backgrounds, career paths and daily missions.

First, our lead Front-End developer Michèle tells us more about her job at Hakisa. Described as a perfectionist, discreet and caring person by her team, Michèle started her career at Hakisa as a Full-Stack developer. For the past year, she has been in charge of the Front-End development of the technology.

With her strong sense of details, she optimizes the user experience with the CSS and Javascript code.


Hakisa collaborators profiles_Michèle

Hello Michèle, could you please tell us more about you?

“My name is Michèle, I’m born in Orléans. I grew up in the North of France, moved to the Yvelines and finally to Strasbourg 7 years ago.
[Strasbourg] is my hometown by adoption, I feel like a real “Strasbourgeoise”!

After working as a full-stack developer for many years at Hakisa, I’ve taken the lead on the Front-End development for a year now.”



The Front-End is the visible part of the web development. As Front-End developer, you need to make sure that the interfaces are displayed correctly, that the interactions between the user and the technologies are as fluid as possible and that the design is pleasant to the eye.

Across the spectrum of web development, the Back-End developers take care of the hidden part of the technology! From server maintenance to data storage management, the Back-End elements are invisible to the user but essential to the correct functioning of the digital product.

What was your career path before arriving at Hakisa?

“Living in the Yvelines, I did a BTS in Computer Science and then a bachelor’s degree in “communication and multimedia”, with a major in web development at Cergy.

In 2012 I moved to Strasbourg for my first job as a Back-End developer at La Fourmi Immo and fell in love with the city.”

Why do you like working at Hakisa?

“I really enjoy working at Hakisa because of the pleasant atmosphere, the attractiveness of the product and the fact that I have the feeling I’m learning something new everyday. Working besides skilled co-workers really helped me refining my craft!

Beyond that, I’m looking to expand my skills in Front-End technologies (vue.js/sass/typescript) and I’m constantly looking to tackle new challenges. The two most motivating challenges I’m currently facing are the complete redesign of the platform and the enhancement of the mobile version.”

If you were a function or a characteristic of the Hakisa platform, which one would you be?

“I would be the “service provider directory” because it’s the last one I’ve setup and for me it represents the constant evolution of the Hakisa technologies. The “service provider directory” allowed me to test the all new Front-End technologies I implemented these last few months.”

Which colleagues are the most essential for you?

“Obviously, the development team I’m part of. I would say that Thomas is in the best position to understand my field because of his wide technical background!

Regarding to the marketing team, I always stay in close contact with Mathilde who regularly send me mockups and product specification documents that are necessary to the development of the new features for the platform.”

Thank you Michèle!

More team member profiles will be available in the coming weeks! Next, it will be Thomas’s turn, our lead developer, to tell us more about his missions at Hakisa.

To learn more about our team and our Hakisa technologies, come and visit the special pages on our website or contact us!

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