File management, text editor, wallpapers, subscription form… Hakisa technology is evolving

Summer was no easy time at Hakisa: file management, new editor, redesign of the subscription form and new wallpapers… Discover the new features of the Hakisa technology!

File management: more simple, more secure

The Hakisa technology allows administrators and users to share files and photos within their platforms.
The security of our users and their data is very important to us, which is why we have added an additional layer of security to our file management system.

All files stored on the platform have been moved to a secure storage space hosted in Germany using the Amazon S3 service.
In other words, what does this mean? In addition to encrypting the original file name, a security key is generated when each file is displayed. A new key is generated every 10 minutes, making it much more complex to hack into files shared on the platform.

In addition, platform administrators now have one media library per community, simplifying the addition of files and images within the various published elements (articles, events, forums…) of their Clubs.

 A new text editor for the administrators……

An upgrade awaited by our administrators: a new text editor is available in the administration interface of the technology.
Easier and more complete, the image management is much more user-friendly. It allows you to rework images in a few clicks (resizing, filters, contours).

Moreover, we have homogenized the presence of this editor in all the features of the Back-Office: more distinction between the different features!

… And the users

There’ s no reason why only administrators should benefit from it! The editor for users has also been replaced. To send a private message or post a comment, the user now enjoys a more modern editor including a large library of emojis.

The other new features of the new season

Hakisa’s philosophy is to listen to its customers and their users. With this in mind, the technology is being modernized by offering a new selection of wallpapers to users and a new, more ergonomic look for platform login and subscription forms.

You want to know more about Hakisa technology? Feel free to visit our website!

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