Mastercard and Hakisa enable welfare operators and NGOs to digitally manage cash processes with an innovative card product

Frankfurt, April 11 2022 – Mastercard and Hakisa today announce their long-term strategic partnership. Together, the two companies have invested in a digital solution for the simple, secure and efficient design of cash management enhanced with accounting services for the social economy and NGOs. The solution is based on Hakisa’s established community platform technology. The fast-growing social Fintech company benefits from the integration of innovative Mastercard products and technologies.

The solution based on Business Debit Mastercard enables welfare operators and NGOs to allocate cashless funds for beneficiaries and tutored residential groups quickly, securely and easily. Among the first non-profit organizations in Germany to test the digital payment and cash management within their services and residential groups are the Wichern Diakonie in Frankfurt (Oder), the Rummelsberger Diakonie and the Caritas Association of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising e.V.  In strong collaboration with Hakisa,  the requirements for a digital payment platform were defined, via which payments to the residential groups can now be efficiently processed and managed cashlessly. The payout and accounting processes of social and NGOs funds are significantly optimized through digitization and administrative costs reduction. The cards can be used by caregivers or beneficiaries to purchase goods in local retail or online. They are directly assigned to the caregivers or beneficiaries. In case of loss or theft, the card can be blocked immediately.

“The need for more transparency and process optimization is driving many organizations to switch to digital payments. With digital money, financial flows and budgets can be more efficiently controlled via the digital platform provided by Hakisa. This leads to safer and faster transactions and reduces the risk of corruption and theft,” explains Dr. Peter Robejsek, Country Manager Germany at Mastercard. In addition, the requirements for safe and hygienic payment in times of the corona pandemic are also met.

The Debit Mastercard is linked to an easy-to-use smartphone app for accounting treatment. The receipts can be digitized quickly and easily, and the expenses can be seamlessly transferred as attachments to existing accounting systems. The documents can be processed digitally in real time and automatically assigned to the corresponding cost centers. In addition, the Hakisa platform can be connected to other services of the organizations via API. The cloud-based software can be individually configured as a white label solution and tailored to the special needs of individual organizations.

Eric Gehl, CEO & Co-founder of Hakisa, says: “The introduction of the Debit Mastercard is an important building block to make the work of caregivers in the residential groups much easier. It was important to find a solution together with the welfare operators that is easy to handle for beneficiaries and caregiving professionals. It represents a significant simplification of processes for the finance and accounting departments in the social enterprise and enables the required transparency. If payments are now made digitally, not only does security increase, but the scope of administrative tasks is also immensely reduced. In addition, we are working on further use cases of digital payment for welfare providers and NGOs in order to include further fields of applications in digital payment. We are very pleased that we have succeeded in providing a new innovative product for the social economy and NGOs with our partner Mastercard. ”

About Mastercard (NYSE: MA),

Mastercard is an international technology company in payment transactions. Our goal is to drive an inclusive, digital economy that benefits all stakeholders worldwide. That’s why we make sure that payments are processed securely, easily and smartly and also made accessible to everyone. Our innovations and solutions are based on secure data and networks, helping individuals, financial institutions, governments and businesses to fully exploit the full range of their capabilities. Our “Decency Quotient” shapes our corporate culture and all our activities. With connections in more than 210 countries and territories, we contribute to a sustainable world that opens up a wide range of opportunities for everyone. Follow us on Twitter
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About Hakisa,

Hakisa is a German-French technology company developing flexible, cloud-based solutions for creating digital community and service platforms. Our goal is to connect people, services and IoT and to strengthen social cohesion in a digitized world. The concept of Hakisa technology emerged from the telecommunications industry and was transferred by the two founders to human-technology interaction: Information generated by intelligent objects or via big data platforms can be shared with a user-defined community through a real-time notification procedure. Our solution is used by charities, public sector agencies as well as industrial companies.

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