[Collaborator profile] Thomas: the architecture specialist

Hakisa is first and foremost an international team committed to a social and responsible use of new technologies. Development, marketing, customer services… We are pleased to introduce you to the passionate people of Hakisa, who are constantly improving its technology.
After Michèle our Front-End fairy, Thomas, our Head of R&D and lead developer tells us more about his daily work at Hakisa.

Thomas joined Hakisa in 2012 for the launch of the platform beta version. For seven years now, he has contributed and seen every evolution of the technology. With more than 15 years of experience in web development, he coordinates the work of the R&D team. His main goal is to ensure the quality, coherence and reliability of the Hakisa technology. Discover the portrait of the architecture specialist of Hakisa !


Hello Thomas, could you tell us more about you and your background before joining Hakisa ?

“My name is Thomas, I was born in Saverne and grew up in Hoerdt. So I am from the region (Alsace, France)!

I’ve learned the basics of the code as part of my college education in cognitive science. I started my professional career developing a search engine for the travel industry. Since I wanted to to strengthen my knowledge in web development, I completed a training course with the National Agency for Professional Training (AFPA).

After graduating, I did freelance work for almost three years. Those years allowed me to learn more about the corporate world and gave me enough flexibility to improve my skills in the web technologies.

Later on, I worked for a couple of years the website and internal applications for a computer equipment reseller. Before joining Hakisa, I worked 6 months in a web agency in Strasbourg, where I meet a colleague who offered me to join Hakisa after a major wave of layoffs in the agency!”


Since when have you been part of the Hakisa Team and what is your job ?

“I have been working at Hakisa for more than 7 years now. It was quite intense when I first started since we launched the beta version of the platform in July 2012, just a few weeks after my arrival! Over the years, the product has changed a lot. In fact, the platform had much fewer functionalities before.

Regarding my role within the team, I am the head of R&D and lead developer. I coordinate the work of the development team and validate all technical decisions impacting the platform evolution. I also manage the system infrastructure (servers, databases, …) in a highly available cloud environment.”

Ensuring the availability of the platform means ensuring that the platform is always online and avoiding service disruption. In other words, make sure that the Hakisa technology is accessible 24/7 to our customers and their users!


Why do you like to work at Hakisa ?

“I have the opportunity to work on many large technical projects. Also, I particularly like the social dynamics of the Hakisa project.”


If you were a function or a charactéristic of the Hakisa platform, which one would you be ?

“I would be the videoconferencing feature for its innovative and technically demanding aspect. Indeed, the implementation of this feature required the integration of several technologies: Front-End, Back-End, real-time and SAAS services, both proprietary and open-sources.”


Wich colleagues are the most important for you ?

“I consider everyone as important. But it’s true that as a team leader, I have little time for pure production [new feature development]. Fortunately, I can rely there on my colleagues’ expertise, especially Michèle’s (Front-End) and Nicolas’ (Back-End).”


Thank you Thomas !

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