Hakisa technology: a new claim feature to manage user feedback

Hakisa develops an innovative technology to enable professionals to manage and animate their communities and provide them all the services they need on a daily basis. Thus, Hakisa strives to equip administrators with all the tools necessary for community management. Among these tools, the Hakisa technology now includes an application of conversations between Club Managers and community members, which facilitates the processing of user feedback.


Club Manager conversation: the feature is evolving

Being able to respond quickly and effectively to the different questions of the members is essential for any community manager. Hakisa is therefore transforming its feature “Club Manager conversations”.

claim feature

The new claim feature is useful for managing complaints within a residence, help with administrative issues within a municipality as well as treat housing related problems. The feature allows administrators to manage any type of question and can be added to each of the Hakisa solutions!

A community member starts a conversation with a Club Manager who can then display, characterize and process the conversation from a dedicated back-office.
At each evolution of the conversation process, a notification is sent to the user who can follow the evolution of his request in real time.


Claim feature: improved tracking of user feedback

In this new version, several improvements have been implemented to ease user feedback processing and claim management:

  • Adding a status to each conversation: the Club Manager can display the feedbacks to process, processing or already processed
  • Characterization of user feedbacks thanks to a keyword system fully manageable by the Club Manager to help define the typology of requests
  • Processing confirmation sent to the user at the end of processing, thus ensuring that the user is fully aware of the processing of his feedback
  • Adding additional information to each conversation, visible only to Club Managers


claim feature bo

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