New on Hakisa: an alarm management application for IoT

Working for the well-being at home at all age, Hakisa technology integrates the alarm management of connected devices that secure homes and people. In order to best meet the needs of its customers and their users, Hakisa now offers business managers a complete alarm management application to manage their customers’ IoT alarms.

Hakisa : alarm management application

Alarm management application: socializing the Internet of Things

Hakisa develops a technology that allows professionals to create community-based service platforms to ensure the well-being and well-ageing at home. Convinced that the Internet of Things (IoT) plays an important role for a long and self-sufficient life at home, Hakisa gathers and shares information from connected devices of trusted partners via an alarm management application.

The Hakisa technology can integrate all types of connected devices: connected home automation objects to secure the home and promote the autonomy of seniors or e-health sensors to facilitate the follow-up of chronic diseases.

The alarm management application allows the owners of connected devices to define a circle of caretakers (relatives and/or professionals caretakers) who will be notified in real time of a critical situation.
For example, when there is no movement at home, an alarm is sent to the caretakers. The caretakers then take charge of the alarm and keep the community informed about the course of the situation.


Alarm management application: a new administration interface

In addition to the IoT application for users, Hakisa now offers administrators a back-office to manage the users of this application, the caretakers and the generated alarms. This administration interface allows simple and efficient alarm management.

The ergonomic administration interface allows you to:

  • manage users’ subscriptions
  • manage the caretakers of each user
  • have a global vision of the alarms sent by the IoT of each user


The alarm app is available as an option for any Hakisa solution. For more information about our business solutions visit the Hakisa website!
Would you like to know more about the Alarm app or the Hakisa solutions? Feel free to contact us.

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