New Design on Hakisa: optimization of My Clubs & My Apps

The Hakisa solution is constantly evolving. When optimizing the platform, Hakisa always takes into account the feedback of its users in order to meet their different needs. This time we are proud to present you the redesign of the Clubs to provide a better overview and make navigation even more ergonomic. There is also a new space on Hakisa called “My Apps”.


Tools to better promote your services

Because we believe that living well at home at any age requires simple access to useful everyday services, Hakisa is reviewing the features of its technology to allow professional platform administrators to offer their services to users.

My Clubs” is the community space of the Hakisa platform. This space allows to propose contents and services targeted by community. In its new version, Hakisa has completely revised the club design in order to highlight the services offered to each community on the one hand and the personalized content of the community on the other hand.

New Club design

Also, the “My Services” space has been completely restructured to become “My Apps“: a space accessible from the user dashboard and including useful applications for the user. Alarm management, local news or customized web services; the first version of “My Apps” sets the basis for platform customization by user type !


New Club design: quick access to the various services

The display of “My Clubs” is evolving to provide a better overview of the content and offered services. The My Clubs page is now organized in two parts. The right side is dedicated to the Club’s news feed whereas the left side lists all the services associated with the Club.

The left side provides access to all services available in the Club. Depending on the type of Club, users will have access to features and services such as:

  • Contact the Club Manager in case of questions
  • Share Club: to suggest contacts to join the Club and share it with family and friends
  • Club calendar: to access all Club events
  • Surveys: to respond to the various surveys proposed by the Club managers
  • Member book: to search and contact other Club members
  • Forum topics: to create new forums for discussion
  • Documents: to view and download documents of the Club

These services are presented in form of clearly identified buttons to facilitate access on PC, tablet or mobile !


My Clubs: all information at a glance

The right side of My Clubs is dedicated to the different contents published within the Club. The Club news feed displays all the news published within the Club: articles, forum topics, events, RSS feeds, Google News or Facebook posts. Users can sort their news feed to display only the type of news they are interested in.

This change of the club design, which clearly separates services and content, makes navigation easier, allows administrators to highlight their services and users to find the information they are looking for more quickly.


My Services becomes My Apps

My Services also got a makeover! It is now called “My Apps” and offers quick access to all useful services for everyday life.


“My Apps” now contains the following:

  1. Alarm Management: space for caretakers dedicated to alarm management
  2. Digital Sponsor: space of mutual help, either to support a person in using Hakisa, or to get help yourself.
  3. Local news: all the latest news from the region
  4. My Services: direct access to all external Club services
  5. Web services: Hakisa offers professionals with their own platform the possibility to integrate and interface their business applications in order to offer them to their users in the “My Apps” space.

All the personalized applications and services that make everyday life easier are now grouped together in “My Apps” for easy access.

Sign in to check out all the latest innovations on Hakisa and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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