New feature on Hakisa: create your own surveys

The Hakisa solutions aim to simplify the animation of communities through a simple and flexible digital platform. But what is a community management platform good for, if you are not able to get the opinion of your users?

Today we have the pleasure to present you a new feature that has just been added to our solutions: the survey app!


Surveys : global results example


Surveys: get feedback from your users

Whether it’s in the field of Real Estate, Health or Mobility, one of the most important things you can do to best meet the needs of your community is to be close to your users.

In order to facilitate and optimize communication between the different actors, Hakisa now offers you the possibility to create your own surveys and thus to measure and increase the satisfaction of your members!

Hakisa’s new survey tool allows you to get feedback from your users and get their opinions on topics of your choice. This new feature allows you to identify potential problems at an early stage and get immediate feedback from your members so that you can quickly react and enhance your services.


Create customized surveys

As a Club Manager, you can now ask questions and create surveys that are tailored to your needs. Thanks to various settings, you get detailed feedback and meaningful results.  Via the administration interface you have access to the listing of your surveys and you are able to display the global or individual results.

When creating your survey, you can select the following settings:

  • Type of the survey: You can choose to do the survey anonymously or not. In anonymous surveys, the individual results are displayed anonymously.
  • Results of the survey: You can make the global results of the survey visible to the Club Members or not.
  • Duration of the survey: Set a time period for the survey. Once the survey arrives at expiration, users will no longer be possible to answer the survey.

For each question, you can specify:

  • whether the answer to a question is mandatory or not
  • whether one or more answers are possible

Hakisa technology is constantly evolving, other parameters will be added to the survey app!

User view of surveys


Benefits for your users

As soon as you have created a new survey, your Club members will for sure receive a notification.

Your users can then answer the survey easily and securely with just a few clicks, thanks to our ergonomic design. After completing the questionnaire, depending on the settings, they might be able to display the global results of the survey in their Club.

Sign in to Hakisa now to try out the new survey tool. Create your first survey and get feedback from your users. Show interest and be there for your Club members!

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