Hakisa is evolving: new notification system

You have chosen one of the Hakisa solutions? To help you better meet the needs of your users, we are constantly working to improve Hakisa technology. This time we revised our notification system and are excited to present you the new features that are added!

Notification system: What is new?

The following improvements to the notification system are now available to you and your users:

  • Better readability: Unread messages appear first. Read notifications are grayed out but remain available for 3 months.
  • A smarter system: Our new system detects notifications and groups them accordingly. For example, if a user receives 4 messages in the same conversation, he will receive a single notification informing him that he has 4 unread messages in this conversation.
  • More flexibility for the user: The user has the possibility to delete his notifications individually or to delete the entire notification history with one click.
  • More detailed settings: Each user can now set exactly which notifications he wants to receive on the platform.
  • New notifications for your content: The Hakisa technology now allows you to notify your users when you create new content for your communities in “My Clubs”.

Better ergonomics for the notification history

To ensure a better overview, the user now has a configurable notification history that allows him to access his notifications of the past 3 months. Notifications older than 3 months are automatically deleted. The notification history makes it easy for the user to find content that has already been accessed, to read it again, and to add messages or comments.


notification system


Notifications on your smartphone: Inform your users at any time

In March 2016, Hakisa launched HubOn, a free notification app for smartphones and tablets. Today, the HubOn app continues to evolve with every new feature.
HubOn is compatible with all our business solutions and available for free for Android and iOS.

The new notification system makes downloading HubOn easier for the user. In the notification settings, each user can download the app with just one click, either on the App Store or on Google Play.

Sign in to Hakisa to discover the new features. Do you have any questions? Contact us!

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