Hakisa presents its new features

The Hakisa technology is constantly evolving. With its own hub (hakisa.com) and more than 20,000 registered users, Hakisa tests and improves its technology every day. Hakisa attaches great importance to user feedback and takes into account the requests and suggestions of its users. This way, Hakisa offers a technology that meets the expectations and demands of its users.

Today, Hakisa is pleased to present the new features:

“My Pictures”: the new feature to share good memories

“My Pictures” is a long awaited feature that just arrived on Hakisa. More than just a photo album, “My Pictures” offers users the possibility to create shared photo albums with their relatives.

Hakisa shared photo album - new feature


The shared photo album focuses on collaboration: each participant can view the photos, add photos, comment them and delete them. Designed for families, this new feature allows relatives to gather all the photos of a single event and to share them in one dedicated place.

Users can also create personal photo albums to collect and organize their favorite pictures. Also, they can easily organize and flip left or right the photos of albums.

A whole new invitation process to easily invite relatives

Hakisa offers innovative solution that brings all family members together in one secured digital space, even novice users.

With its new release, Hakisa has improved and simplified its invitation system. Users can now easily invite their relatives to join them on the hub, to attend events, to discover a Club, to participate in a shared photo album, or to become a Musher.

The new invitation feature on Hakisa


With this new invitation system, users can add a personal message to their invitation and invite several contacts at the same time. 

Try the new features on Hakisa.com

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