Hakisa: a French-German Economy award’s nominee

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry for France and Germany launched the French-German Economy Award in 2011 in order to promote industrial and commercial cooperation between French and German companies.

French-German Economy award: a model for transnational cooperation

For years France and Germany have been commercial partners. In 2010 imports and exports between the cross-border countries represented more than 150 billion euros.

Thousands of French and German companies are established across the border. As of today, there are over 3,000 German companies established in France and over 2,000 French companies established in Germany. Those companies represent a workforce of over 300,000 employees in France and 250,000 in Germany.

French and German Flags
The French-German Chamber of Commerce wants to reward and promote cooperation initiatives between both countries:

Thus, every two years since 2011, the French-German Economy Award rewards French-German partnerships in the following categories:

  • Environment & Climat
  • Innovation & New technologies
  • Industrial cooperation
  • Human resources

Hakisa: nominee in the new category of the French-German Economy Award

In the past editions, the French-German Chamber of Commerce rewarded partnerships between large industrial groups such as Atos and Siemens or Renault and Daimler. This year, the new “start-up” category highlights the cross-border opportunities for young and innovative companies.

This new startup category has two nominees for the 2015 award:

  • Captain Train: for its activity in France and Germany and the partnership with the French company SNCF and the German company DB
  • Hakisa: for the partnership with the German Hager Group

The Hakisa team is honored to be one of the finalists of the 3rd French-German Economy award. See you on December 2nd 2015 to find out the results!

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