Hakisa is heading to CES 2016 Vegas with the French IoT program

During the CES Unveiled Paris event, La Poste, France’s mail service provider, announces Hakisa as one of the 15 award winning startups of the “French IoT” program. This program is intended to support the growth of selected startups by fast-accelerating their international development.

Hakisa at CES 2016 : awardee of the french IoT program

Hakisa is pleased to join La Poste Group, 4 industrial partners and 14 innovative start-ups at CES Las Vegas – the world’s largest consumer electronics and consumer technology trade show – in January 2016.

For this occasion, Hakisa integrates its innovative technology that socializes the internet of things with La Poste’s digital hub that provides interoperability of connected devices through standard interfacing.

Eric Gehl, co-founder and CEO of Hakisa, sees this event as a huge opportunity:

“We are proud to be part of this French IoT team and to present the integration of our technology with La Poste’s digital hub to professionals from across the world. Since its foundation, Hakisa was designed for the global market and already offers its solutions in several languages. Encouraged by our European achievements, we hope that our participation in the French IoT program, including our presence at the CES, will enhance our global market reach and allow us to forge new partnerships.”

The French IoT Program: fast tracking innovation

At CES Unveiled Paris 2015, La Poste Group presented its digital hub: a universal platform providing interoperability of connected devices through standard interfacing. Since 2015, La Poste intends to develop IoT in France by creating the French IoT program.

French IoT program logo

This programs bridges innovative startups and French industrial groups thanks to La Poste’s digital hub. It aims to develop innovations that make life easier for people, businesses and communities.

Hakisa joins the French IoT Team !

La Poste Group reveals the French IoT Team identity during the CES Unveiled Paris 2016. The team gathers 4 industrial groups and the 15 award winning startups of the French IoT program.

100 startups were selected to connect their technologies to the digital hub. Among those, 33 were chosen to be part of an accelerating business program. Finally, La Poste awarded the 15 best french startups to join its international fast-accelerating program and attend the CES 2016 in Vegas.

Thanks to its technology that socializes IoT, Hakisa is one of the 15 award winning startups of the program and will join La Poste from January 6 to 9 2016 at the CES Show !

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