Discover the new features of the Hakisa technology!

The Hakisa solution keeps evolving to meet the expectations of our users and partners. We are thus pleased to introduce you to the latest features!

A presence server for the Hakisa technology

Amongst the eagerly expected technical features, the presence server is now up and running on the platform.

Our users can now check if their contacts are online in the “My Relatives” section, and then start a conversation or a videoconference being sure that the contact is online.

Presence server on the hakisa social hub: see if your relatives are online


My Clubs: conversation with experts, customization and associated services

This new release grants “My Clubs” new functionalities useful for users and professionals.

On the hub, you were already able to communicate publicly with the expert of a Club (through article comments or by posting a topic message in a forum). The users can now also start a private conversation with the expert.

Join a Club managed by an expert and click on the “Contact the expert” button to start a private conversation with the expert.
The expert can easily access and manage his conversations through our integrated Back Office. A new feature that creates a great opportunity for professionals to get closer to their clients.

Some other news features for Clubs were added to the Back Office. Partners can now customize their club with a banner and upload a logo to their expert profile.

New features for the Clubs on Hakisa: custom banners, expert logo and conversation with experts

Finally, partners can associate their professional services to their Clubs. This way, when a user joins a Club, he can immediately use the services that are associated with it.
Those services can be access from the Club or from “My Services”.


If you haven’t done it yet, log in to Hakisa and try our latest features! If you would like to learn more about managing Clubs and Services for professionals go to, download our leaflet, or contact us!

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