Club Agenda on Hakisa: a new business feature!

Since 2 years, Hakisa allows real estate professionals, Silver Economy professionals and local actors to manage and animate their communities with a simple and effective solution.

The development and improvement of our solutions, through the integration of customers and user feedback, is particularly important to Hakisa. Therefore we are very pleased to introduce our latest features: a complete makeover of “My Agenda” and the brand new Club Agenda!


My Agenda: new & modern design

My Agenda is a historic feature of the Hakisa hub technology. Since the beginning of Hakisa, My Agenda has evolved and allows users to manage their daily lives. It includes all the classic features of an online shared agenda and much more:

  • Creating and editing events and meetings
  • Inviting contacts to attend events
  • Commenting events
  • Daily, weekly or monthly overview

We completely redesigned My Agenda. Much more modern and light, My Agenda remains very easy to use for beginners.

My Agenda and Club Agenda on tablet

Because we want to offer a solution simplifying the day to day life: the Hakisa agenda regroups all events in the same place. The Club events are also displayed in the agenda.


Club Agenda: a Community Management feature

Amongst other features, Hakisa offers Club Managers the Club Agenda feature to manage events.

Each Club Manager can create a Club event and invite his Club members to attend. What is new? All events are displayed in the Club Agenda! This way, each community member can access the Club Agenda and display the current, previous and next events.

The Club Agenda offers a monthly view through which Club members can access events and see who is attending.
This feature was expected by our partners. Today, they are able to use a simple and ergonomic tool to manage the events, meetings and activities of their communities.


You want to know more about the other Club features and our business offers? Get in touch!

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