The CES 2016 trends: the Smart Home

After the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Vegas, the Hub Institute – Think Thank for digital trends and innovation – presents the big trends of 2016 as announced by the highlights of the CES.

Most awaited innovations: the smart home

Our homes keep evolving towards automation. There are plenty innovations connecting our houses, going from surveillance camera to connected TV and thermostat, which impress at the CES. Both start-ups and corporate groups present their innovations in Vegas.

Hydrao, the connected shower head a smart home innovation by smart and blue

Regarding smart home innovation, France really makes an impression! The shower head Hydrao created by Smart&Blue, for example, was one of the most noticed innovation. Hydrao follows the smart home energy saving trend offering its users to save water by moderating the time spent in the showers.

Smart home raises concerns

If industrials seem to adopt the smart home concept; consumers don’t seem totally on board. First, they want to know more about security and hacking risk.
Those concerns mean for manufacturers to be more careful during the conception. They also call for a clear legislation and legal standards regarding the data collected by the connected devices of our homes.

Moreover, the multiplication of connected devices of different brands raises the question of devices interoperability. Interoperability means a cooperation between brands in order to offer consumers simple solutions to operation all the devices of a house on a single interface.

This particular trend is especially visible during the CES with a lot of professionals trying to figure out ways to make their devices communicate. Samsung for one introduces SmartThings, a solution to control the devices from the TV. The Frenchie SevenHugs presents its smart remote that allows the user to point any connected device in his house to control it.

Devices and users interoperability

The question of interoperability as a positive impact on businesses: it encourages them to focus on users and uses. The French Post office company, Groupe La Poste, surprises the CES by offering a « digital hub » (hub numérique) its own interoperability platform. La Poste appears as a new challenger in the interoperability race and promises to go “from the internet of things to the internet of services”.

The smart managing IoT alarms by Hakisa

In the same spirit of offering a needed service, Hakisa presents at the CES 2016 its innovation. With a solution that humanizes IoT, Hakisa aims to favor well-being and well-aging at home. The solution is based on interoperability between smart home and human intelligence.
Thanks to the Hakisa smart managing alarms system, the caretakers of a senior, for example, can receive the alarms of the senior’s home sensors. Thus, the caretakers can quickly react and handle the situation if needed. It’s the cooperation between smart devices and human interpretation that allows the senior to live and age peacefully at home.

For more information on the Hakisa solution, go to

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