Hakisas mission: narrow the digital divide

When Olivier Audouze and Eric Gehl saw how difficult it was for their parents to use the internet they had the idea to found Hakisa.

Hakisa is a simple and secure platform, allowing persons challenged by the digital complexity to easily surf on the internet. With the help of a trusted person, called the “Musher”, the novice internet users have access to a limited content, adapted to their needs and centers of interests. What’s more, when ever they are in need, the Musher can take the control of their account in order to guide them.


Besides narrowing the digital divide, Hakisa seeks to facilitate the communication of elderly people and to restore the intergenerational link challenged by the geographical family dispersion. Indeed, due to the complexity and variety of existing communication tools, seniors have at present a lot of difficulties to communicate on the internet.

Therefore, Hakisa wants people who are actually excluded from the Internet to discover and appreciate the digital world.

Want to become a Musher?

Want to discover the internet in a simple way with the help of a loved one? Check it out on http://www.hakisa.com

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