Discover Hakisa: My Hakisa

This is the first presentation episode of Hakisa. Our platform is designed for seniors and beginners, so that they can easily surf on the internet and securely communicate with their loved ones. Today, we will explore the homepage of Hakisa: My Hakisa.

My Hakisa: A very handy access to our services.

button My Hakisa
You can easily recognize My Hakisa: Just follow the dog print!

My Hakisa is a personalized access to your passions. First of all, this section gives you a quick access to your preferred web sites in a simple button layout. I click on a button to go directly on the web site.

My Hakisa
With My Hakisa you can browse your preferred web sites.

What’s more, at My Hakisa you can find the latest local news and the weather forecast of your city. You also get a quick access to information you’re most interested in, that is to say, your local news.

weather forecast on My Hakisa
The weather forecast of the next three days is also available at My Hakisa.

Start the Hakisa experience right now. It’s for free!

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