What is a Musher on Hakisa?

Based on the intergenerational help, Hakisas goal is to simplify and personalize the use of the Internet in order to make it more accessible for seniors and beginners. On Hakisa a person who helps a user on the platform is called “Musher”.

In only a few minutes, the Musher can help a loved one on the Internet.

Become a Musher on Hakisa and help your loved ones to use the Internet! The Musher is a trusted person (grandchild, child, friend, neighbor) who offers his help to manage the account on Hakisa. The role of the Musher is to accompany (probably at distance) the user in order to facilitate his daily internet use. Hakisa offers a unique and personalized platform for every user. The user’s profile can be created, administrated and deleted by his Musher.

Any issue using the internet - You will be guided by a trusted person!
If the user has any problems with the Internet or with his computer, the Musher can help him on Hakisa

If you don’t have a Musher yet, don’t worry, you can for sure also register on Hakisa. The user can at any moment quit the relationship with his Musher, or, the other way round, have several Mushers at the same time.

Why should you become a Musher on Hakisa?

As a Musher on Hakisa, you have the possibility to help your loved ones who have difficulties with the Internet or with computers in a very easy way. Hakisa offers user-friendly tools which are simple and efficient, e.g. remote control and bookmarking in a single click. That allows you to save time while helping your loved ones.

Start the Hakisa experience right now: Become a Musher

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