Safer Internet Day: let’s create a better Internet together !

For the past 12 years, the world has been celebrating the Safer Internet Day on the second Tuesday of February. Initiated by the joint Insafe/INHOPE network and supported by the European Commission, the SID focuses on eSafety for children and teenagers.

Let’s create a better internet together

Each and every year, the event has its own theme. However, last year’s crucial theme will be extended to 2015: “Let’s create a better internet together”.

This simple strapline carries the promise of a safer but also better internet for all, especially the youngest.

Crossing the European borders, the event is celebrated in over 100 countries spread all over the 6 continents. Over the years, it has become an international reference regarding digital education and online safety.

let's create a better internet together

This year, all the stakeholders of the digital world (politicians, educators, industries etc.) will gather to think about new ways of making the Internet a better place for everyone such as:

  • How to make the Internet a safer, more equal, more diverse, more inclusive and better place.
  • Promote every constructive initiative that aims to create a better digital universe for the kids.

The online safety landscape has evolved over the years especially regarding the alarming rise of cyberbullying among youngsters. Thus, the 2015 SID operates around 2 key points:

  • Fighthing against cyberbullying
  • Creating quality websites and positive content for kids

How can we create a better internet?

The official website of the event showcases every activity and event that are planned to promote a better internet. If you are interested in celebrated the SID this year, click on this link and find out which events take place near you !

In addition, every stakeholder of the digital world as well as teachers, educators or parents can find lots of resources on the website to help them teach e-Safety to children and teenagers all year long.

To serve this very purpose, the Learning Center of Yeovil, UK created a YouTube playlist of short films about cyber-bullying and online safety.

Hakisa strongly believes in the possibility of creating a better internet for all, thus offers a simple and safe platform adapted to every member of the family !

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