What is new on Hakisa? The new features of this week!

Hakisa is actually available as a beta version. Our first users are sharing their recommendations and experience with us.

What is new this week? What is new on Hakisa?

  • New feature #1: A feedback button to share your comments with our team.

You’ve all noticed, this week a new little blue button found his place on the right of the screen.

Click on the blue button, to share your opinion about Hakisa!

Once you click on the button, a short form where you can enter your opinion will appear.

That allows you to contact directly our team.

A problem? A suggestion? With this button you can directly contact us!

You will for sure get an answer of our team!

  • New feature #2: A new Musher Box

This feature goes out to the Mushers! Just as a reminder: What is a Musher on Hakisa?

All of your actions are now available at one space: the Musher Box.

As a Musher, I have immediately access to the information I need to manage the account of my Hakisers.

You can change the account, modify the relations or administrate Hakifamily or Hakiclic!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any suggestions or comments that you would like to share with us! Send us an e-mail at feedback@hakisa.com or click on the blue button!

See you on Hakisa.com!

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