What’s the difference between senior computers and Hakisa?

Hakisa and computers especially designed for elderly have the same ambition: simplifying the internet to make it more accessible for beginners – but the solutions to achieve this ambition are completely different.

In order to facilitate your choice, we made up some reasons that should convince you to use Hakisa.

 First of all: Hakisa is Totally free and without any hidden costs


Hakisa is free of charge and without any commitment









We think communicating with your family and benefiting from the internet is priceless – therefore, there should be no price!

That is why Hakisa offers a totally FREE service to introduce you to the internet. No matter your budget, your lifestyle and your current material…

Indeed, unlike special computers for seniors, Hakisa won’t cost you anything

– neither before the registration: There is no registration fee and you don’t need to buy special material to enjoy our platform.

– nor when using it: There is no subscription! You can use Hakisa as often and as long as you want. Everyone gets the same service (there are no special offers like “standard” or “premium” accounts)

nor afterwards: As Hakisa is without any commitment, you are free to cancel your registration whenever you want. What’s more, working on all devices, you won’t be dependent on any special offer or special computer!


difference Hakisa computer tailored for elderly
What will you need to easily start using the internet?

Hakisa is free and always will be. 

Second: Hakisa is working on all devices, accessible from everywhere, there is no special material needed and no subscription fee 


You can sign in at any moment with your own PC, the PC of a loved one, the PC you are using in your computer class, public PCs available at libraries, etc…. Well we thing you’ve got it! You have access to Hakisa, whether you’re using a tablet, a smart phone or a computer. You just need to have an internet connection. This makes Hakisa easy to use and gives you several options to get connected.
Hakisa is working on all devices

Third: Hakisa helps you to start using the internet but will not hold you prisoner 


Where others try to make you dependent on their service, e.g. with special material or monthly subscription fees, Hakisa prefers to give you plenty of rope. We think that our easy and user-friendly platform will convince you to continue using Hakisa.

With Hakisa, you can easily communicate with your family and friends, share your passions  and shop securely onlineAs Hakisa is without any commitment you can, if you are not convinced any more, or if you don’t need it any more, at any moment quit the platform!

So, what do you say now?

Just try Hakisa with your family and friends. You will only need some minutes to set up your account! There is nothing to loose! Give it a try, we are sure you will like it!

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