10 Tips for the Awkward Age of Computing (part 2 of 2)

As promised in the previous post, here are the 5 followingTips for the Awkward Age of Computing.

We hope that those tips will help you in your way of how to counter the effects of aging to make your computer more comfortable to use.

Remeber that Microsoft provides even more tips for people with age-related problems. You can find them on their homepage.

#6 Cursor in a Haystack:

Who took the mouse pointer? If you find yourself searching for mouse pointer more often than you search the Web, you can change the size, appearance, width, speed, color and blink rate of your cursor, or the appearance of your pointer.

#7 Losing Your Grip

To maximize mouse comfort, try a Microsoft mouse that is designed for maximum comfort. Also, learn how to control the mouse with Mouse Keys to move the mouse pointer.

#8 All Together Now

For most people, the keyboard is the main way to enter information into and control their computer. But are you controlling your keyboard, or is your keyboard controlling you? Customizing your keyboard or using shortcuts may facilitate a lot of things!

#9 All Shook Up

If you have a mild tremor or your stiff fingers are creating typos and other keyboard errors, Filter Keys can give you the equivalent of a steady hand by enabling your computer to ignore brief or repeated keystrokes that you make accidentally. Your can set your PC to ignore or slow down brief or repeated keystrokes by turning on Filter Keys.

#10 Easy on the Eyes

If the images on your computer screen appear indistinct, or don’t seem quite as sharp as they once did, you can customize the colors displayed on screen to make things easier to see.


We hope that you enjoyed those tips and that they will facilitate your daily computer life. You may ask yourself: But what about problems using the internet? Don’t forget that Hakisa aims to facilitate your use of the internet with the help of a trusted person. Join us now, it’s free!

Courtesy of Brian Basset and Microsoft Corporation

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