The Safer Internet Day concerns every generation


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Since 2000, each year on the second day of the second week of the second month of the year, people around the world celebrate SID: the Safer Internet Day. 

As new technology is getting more and more important in our daily lives, this day was made to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones. For every year, there is a special theme. Previous Safer Internet Days focused for example on subjects like social networks or cyber bullying.

Organized by Insafe, the European network of Awareness Centres promoting safe, responsible use of the internet and mobile devices to young people, the 2013 edition will be a special year as it is the 10th anniversary of the Safer Internet Day.

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2012, the Safer Internet Day promoted a theme that touches Hakisa a lot:

Connecting Generations

“This topic looked at the reach of the online world across all generations and cultures and encouraged families to work together to stay safe online. Whether you are 5, 40 or 75 years old, whether you use the internet once a month or several times a day – each person has something different to bring to the table that can help shape our online experiences and our understanding of online competences and safety. We all have a role to play in ensuring that every child is safe online.

Today our offline and online worlds are strongly connected, from families communicating via webcam with relatives and friends abroad to children doing their homework online. The online world is a unique arena where people of all ages can learn together and from each other, especially regarding online safety. Tech savvy youngsters can teach their elders how to use new technologies, while grandparents can draw on their life experiences to advise younger generations on how to stay safe online, as they discover the digital world together.”

This year, the theme for the day is ‘Online rights and responsibilities’, with the goal to encourage users to ‘Connect with respect‘. Have a look on the spot:

Online security and safety is one of the key values of Hakisa. We want new Internet users and silver surfers, who are initiated by their loved ones to the World Wide Web, to be safe while browsing the Internet. Thus, as Hakisa is based on the intergenerational help, we encourage our Mushers to transmit also their knowledge of online security to their elderly and the other way round. The Safer Internet Day 2013, February 5, 2013  is a good occasion for that!

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