New: Manage and share your agenda on Hakisa

Today we are pleased to announce the next big thing on our intergenerational platform: The shared agenda!

What is the shared agenda? To summarize its features in one sentence: Our new agenda allows you to easily organize your day and to invite your relatives to your events.

In this blogpost we will explain the different features of the shared agenda.

New on Hakisa - My Agenda - view and share your events


How to access your agenda?

It is very easy to access your agenda.
1- Go to My Hakisa.
2- Click on the big button “My Agenda” or on “View my agenda” in order to view and manage your agenda. You then get an overview of your week.

If you would like to view the next week or the previous week, simply click on the dedicated buttons.

How to access your shared agenda
Previously you had a quick access to 8 of your favorite websites on “My Hakisa”. With the new agenda only 4 of your favorite websites are displayed on “My Hakisa”. You can find all your websites by clicking on “My Internet”.


How to add a new event to your agenda?

Once in the agenda section, you can add as many events as you want by clicking on the “Add new event” button on the upper right of the screen.

You will then be asked to enter a title for the event, a description (obtional) and a date.

In order to select a date, simply click on the agenda icon next to the date and select the desired date, enter your date manually by using your keyboard, or use the buttons “previous day” “next day” below the field.

By default, all events created last all day long. However, you can select a specific start time for your appointment by entering a time.


How to create a new event

How to invite your relatives to an event?

In order to invite your family and friends to an event, click the button below the start time of the event. The photos of your contacts will then appear as in the section “my relatives”. Select the different people you would like to add to the event and click on “Save” to send your invitation.

The selected contacts will then be invited to your event and get a notification. Your invited contacts can then accept or decline your invitation.

The contact selection - invite your relatives to your events
The contact selection – If you are invited to an event you will receive a notification and you will be asked to accept or decline the invitation


How to repeat an event?


How to repeat an event of your shared agenda

In case you have regular appointments, the recurrence option is made for you! In just a few clicks, you can display those recurrences in your agenda according to your needs.  In order to do so, click on the orange button “Click here to repeat this event” and set your recurrence.

Now you’re ready to manage your days and to share your events with your relatives on

Tip for your agenda:  Your agenda is empty and you do not know what to add? Do not forget the birthdays of people you like and think of your private appointments, your family reunions etc.

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