The new version of Hakisa is available !

Hakisa is constantly evolving to better suit your needs!
Discover the new version of our website and all the new features it offers.

What has changed?

A complete makeover

Our public pages and platform have a new design that improves usability. It does not matter whether you use a computer, a tablet or a smartphone… Hakisa adapts to your screen size.


“My Passions” becomes “My Clubs”

My passions” is now “My Clubs”. In those clubs, you can still share your passions with other users, browse the Internet and follow the news. But we added a new feature: the articles. In some Clubs, you will be able to read articles written by an expert.


Messages and photos on your events

In “My Agenda” you are now free to discuss your events and share your pictures with the other participants. As in “My relatives”, you can start a conversation, share pictures and files, or write free-hand on each of your events.


“My Services”  replaces “My Shopping”

A slight change in design: say goodbye to the brown “My shopping”. Welcome to your new tool: “My services”. In My Services, you still can buy online and other services will soon be added…


A new and improved training mode

As you know, an online training mode is available on every page. We adapted this mode to the new platform especially by adding a new section in “My Clubs”.

Take a look at our new platform right now! Go to and let us know what you think!

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