Associations & clubs: Open your free member space

Members share their passions on Hakisa. As being part of an association is a passion for many of our users, clubs and associations can now open their own member space and invite and find new members!

Hakisa offer a space to remain all good times with other members of your club, to organize new events, to share photos and to easily keep in touch with everybody. Therefore, associations and clubs can now create their own center of interest for free. Here are some reasons why you should open a member space for your association:

 1. An easy to use space and fun place to stay in touch with your members  

Your association on Hakisa - your free member space
As responsible or member of an association, you will be able to communicate and discuss seamlessly with your community.
Set up a free Hakisa member space to prepare for an event, activities or work, to manage your community, allow them to communicate and make good times last beyond.
Hakisa is easy to use so that even computer novices can use the internet. With Hakisa the Internet is fun for everyone!
 A fun and easy place to get your members connected

2. Promote your association and your activities among seniors living in your city

Events and activities represent the main part of an association life. You need to keep your members informed and up to date, so that they can participate in the events and activities.
Get a free member space, set up, invite all your members and start easily communicating with them!


3. Get new members by promoting your association among the 15,000 seniors on Hakisa

 your association - hakisa users - Join us!
 “The more, the merrier”, with Hakisa you can promote your association among the 15,000 members of the Hakisa community.
Once set up the space, you will be able to animate very simply the dedicated centers of interests just by adding the content you like to share.


4. Hakisa helps you to create your dedicated member space 

Hakisa is here for you. We help you for free to create your own member space. If you give us an email list of your members, we can also help you to get them joining your association Hakisa space.

Do you want to open your free member space on Hakisa in order to allow an easy online communication with the members of your club? Contact us!

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