Club feed and new Hakisa features

Since 2012, the Hakisa technology is evolving. At Hakisa, we are constantly looking to improve it and adding new features. It allows us to offer an adapted solution to our partners and their communities’ needs. We are thrilled to introduce you to the Club feed and the latest features of the Hakisa technology.

The Club feed: a modern place to manage communities

Hakisa allows you to manage you communities in Clubs. With the latest design makeover, we improve the user experience of “My Clubs” by introducing the Club feed. The Clubs feed is a new way to promote your content and facilitate the access to your services.

The users can get up to speed with their Clubs activity in one glance. The Club feed enlightens the latest and most popular contents of the Clubs. Thanks to a dynamic filter mechanism, users can easily find and display what they are looking for.

Screenshot of the new Club Feed of the social hub technologye

As always, we try to respect the ergonomics of the technology by making the Club feed simple and accessible to users of all ages. And because we want to be sure that the Club feed respects our users’ expectations, we asked our 22 000 users which design and ergonomics they liked most.

New features to be part of your customers’ everyday life

At Hakisa, offering our business partners simple solutions to fulfill their communities’ needs matters the most. Thus, in addition to the Clubs new design, we offer our partners new features for their Clubs.

Club events for several or every members of the Club can now be created. This feature allows businesses to bond with their communities by inviting them to participate in real or virtual events.

Another important feature is now available: a simple and effective file management feature. The Club managers upload useful documents in their Clubs thus offering their communities a way to download them in one click.

Finally, the technology offers the possibility to include and automatically share customized external content the Clubs. This feature allows businesses to provide diverse, new and relevant content in their Clubs. Club Administrators can include content from a Facebook page, from RSS feeds of external webistes and configure a list of Google News tags.


If you want to learn more about our business solutions, go to If you want a personalized demonstration of the technology and its features, please contact us.

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