Tablet for seniors: try Hakisa! It's easy & free!

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Are you looking for a tablet for seniors?


Try Hakisa first! It's free! 

While combining tablet and Hakisa's simplified technology, your tablet won't be restrained in any way, as it is often the case when it comes to special senior tablets.

According to your needs, your desires and your progress, you can adapt your tablet as you want.


A real alternative to tablets for seniors


With Hakisa, enjoy all functionalities of a classical tablet (iPas, Android or Windows tablets) as well as all applications.

Benefit of the classical advantages of a tablet (personalization, evolution, applications...) and enjoy the simplicity of tablet computer designed for seniors as the same time: the best of two worlds!


A tablet withou limit or commitment


The combination "tablet + Hakisa" also offers a price advantage. Unlike tablets tailored for seniors, Hakisa is totally free and without any commitment.

 Try Hakisa for free! In case you don't want to use it anymore, you can always delete your account and data.


An evolutive design that suits your needs

To better respond to everyone's needs and browsing habits, Hakisa offers a simplified design feature for the dashboard (home screen). 

With the easy dashboard, configure and personnalize your dashboard and access quickly and easily the features you are interested in using.

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HubOn - The free app for your tablet


Hakisa offers you a free app for your tablet. Thanks to the HubOn app, you will be notified in real time, directly on your tablet, about anything happening on Hakisa.

Download the HubOn App right now on the App Store or on Google Play and stay informed of your community's activity!

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Are you looking for a solution that allows you to simplify the everyday life of seniors and grants and easy access to digital services?

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