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Your digital everyday life assistant


The Hakisa social hub offers all features you need to organize your day securely and easily. 

You can access the social hub from your PC, your tablet or even your smartphone.


Communicate with your relatives with messages and video-conference, share your photo albums and organize your family events with the shared agenda.


Stay informed of what is happening around you

Discover the latest news of your city and check the weather forecast.

Benefit from a selection of useful websites and create your own categories and buttons to access your favorite websites with a single click.


Share your passions with the Community

Share your advice & tips and discuss various themes with the members of the community in our different Clubs.

Read and comment articles written by our experts on themes that you are interested in.


Hakisa respects your privacy and protects your data

At Hakisa, the respect of our users’ and customers’ privacy is essential. Unlike other social networks, we believe you should know how your data are used in a simple and explicit way.

The features of the Hakisa social hub

The features of the Hakisa Social Hub: Messages, Videoconference, Photo album, Agenda, Bookmarking, Forums, Experts, Services, Smart Objects, Games, Online Help

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