Solutions for Silver Economy professionals


Build and customize easy digital solutions that suits your need and improve communication between the people of your organization, seniors and their families with Smart Care by Hakisa.


Smart Care in 30 seconds

A ready-to-use communication platform that reinforce social link between seniors, caretakers, families and care professionals.

 Manage communities and communication
 Easy access to online services (care schedules, receipts, etc.)
 Socializing e-Health and care IoT
 Private digital platform and security of data


Develop new services with Smart Care

Taking care of those who need it the most becomes easier with IoT. Develop new services to take care of the elderly such as medical monitoring with connected pillbox or malnutrition prevention thanks to weighing scales, etc.

Our trusted partners (Hager Group, SeniorAdom, Solem, etc.) help us to create complete solutions to help caretakers and families take care of their loveds ones.


Why should you choose Smart Care?


With Smart Care by Hakisa, you choose:

  A safe and private digital space

  A user-friendly interface working on computers, tablets and smartphones

  A simple Back-Office for the administrators

  An included formation to the Back-Office for administrators and community managers

  A comprehensive price range that suits your business model