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Hakisa enables fast deployment of digital services for trusted operators committed to gain, regain and keep their customers with ethical and social responsibility

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Create your socially responsible service platform

La technologie Hakisa : créez une plateforme de services responsable

Hakisa enables fast deployment of digital services for trusted operators committed to gain, regain and keep their customers with ethical and social responsibility

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Hakisa: a digital, responsible and profitable solution

For whom?

Organizations and businesses with a strong social responsibility and operating local ecosystems.

Professionals looking for a competitive digital service platform combining social and business value creation.


To improve user acquisition, to retain customers and increase engagement and fidelity.

To avoid uberization of your services while securing your customer’s personal data and reinforcing digitally your social responsibility

To provide adapted, high value and innovative services for your user communities and ecosystems where you operate.


By implementing the Hakisa technology your branded plug and play, open, secure and easy to use service platform

By taking advantage of the Hakisa expertise and services to carry out seamlessly related digital transition projects and to transform your organisations and service offers into sustainable and virtuous business models.

Why should you choose Hakisa?

Socially responsible

Hakisa respects and protects your users’ data and gives you control over the content, services and partners presented in your platform.


Our modular features and plugins will perfectly respond to the evolving needs of your end users and their life journey.

Flexible business model

Control your expenses with an affordable technology and a pricing scheme optimized to your needs. If required, you can turn your investment into ethical ROI results.

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Avec Hakisa, ajouter des extensions à votre solutions pour une plateforme de services évolutive

A technology to ensure well-being at any age

Hakisa strives to offer a modular and scalable technology supporting the social responsibility mission of its customers.

Thanks to its plugins, Hakisa allows its customers to create a platform adapted to the life journey of its end users and related communities.

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Home care

Hakisa integrates and socializes connected devices with human assistance ensuring comfort and safety at home.

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Hakisa integrates connected health objects with human assistance used in patient prevention and monitoring at home.

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Hakisa works with device suppliers who offer tablets and smartphones adapted to the elderly or beginners.

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Hakisa interfaces electric mobility charging and parking systems with a dedicated and geolocalized service platform.

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Customer engagement

Hakisa integrates customer and employee reward and benefit systems supporting loyalty programs.

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Business software

Hakisa provides open and secured APIs for the integration of existing IT and business applications.

Our partners

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Educational games, cerebral training, memory games, intergenerational games: Dynseo offers a wide range of games to maintain cognitive abilities at any age.

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Since 2008, Vivalib experts have been supporting social housing companies and territories in their projects for progressive living spaces to support longevity and preserve everyone’s autonomy.