Hakisa respects your privacy and protects your data


At Hakisa, we believe you should know how your data is used in a simple and explicit way.


The respect of our users' and customers' privacy is essential to us.


These are the key points of our privacy policy.




No indexation

No search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) indexes your personal data (photos, profile information, private messages, etc.).

Your data belongs to you and stays on our platform.


Anonymization of your data

If you decide to leave Hakisa and delete your account for any reason, your data (interactions with family, friends and messages in different clubs) will be automatically anonymized.

In accordance with the law, they will however remain available in our database for one year.


Your name and photo are private

To facilitate the exchange of messages, you can customize your account with a photo. Only people you know are able to see your photo.

In "My Clubs", your photo is automatically replaced with a default avatar and your last name is shortened.


Your friends' friends are not your friends

Hakisa focuses on communication with real relatives. We will not randomly suggest new friends to add.

You decide who you want to talk to. Your new contacts must always accept your invitation.


Anonymous monitoring of your actions

Your activity on the platform is anonymously monitored and treated (with cookies). This way, we can understand what you like most and improve our services.

According to the law, you can disable this monitoring at any time.


Use of encrypted mode (https)

Your communication with the plateforme is secured and encrypted so that no one can intercept them, much like a banking transaction.


Your data is stored in Europe

The servers we use to store your data are located in Europe. We store your data in compliance with current safety standards. It can only be available on a reasoned request of justice, in accordance with the European law.





On some pages of the platform, we set up an easily identifiable advertising space managed by third parties. This advertising space allows Hakisa to be free. According to the law, you can disable this targeted advertising by disabling your cookies.


A clear business model

Hakisa offers innovative solutions for businesses. For more information on our business solutions, click here
Using the free platform, you only benefit from our basic services.