Computers for seniors: try Hakisa! It's easy & free!

Ordinateur senior, clavier

Are you looking for a computer tailored for seniors?


At Hakisa, we believe thaht communicating with your family and benefiting from the internet is priceless - therefore, there should be no price!

That is why Hakisa offers a totally FREE service to introduce you to the internet. No matter your budget, your lifestyle and your current material…


A real alternative to computers for seniors


With Hakisa, you keep enjoying all the features of your computer.

Benefit of the classical advantages of a computer while enjoying the simplicity of a computer designed for seniors: the best of two worlds!

Hakisa gives you the freedom to chose your own device. Hakisa is accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. This makes Hakisa easy to use and gives you several options to get connected.


Totally free and without any hidden costs


There is no registration fee and you don't need to buy special material to enjoy our platform. There is no subscription fee! You can use Hakisa as often and as long as you want.

Hakisa also values and respects your privacy and protects your data. Your data belong to you and you are free to delete your Hakisa account whenever you want.


An evolutive design that suits your needs

To better respond to everyone's needs and browsing habits, Hakisa offers a simplified design feature for the dashboard (home screen). 

With the easy dashboard, configure and personnalize your dashboard and access quickly and easily your favorite features.

ordinateur for seniors

Just as an example, to easily start using the internet you will need:

logo hakisa


Do I need to buy a new computer?


Working on all devices connected to the internet

Are you switching to a new computer? No problem - Hakisa switches with you!

Having a tablet and a computer at the same time? No problem - Hakisa is available on both devices!


Prices start at 169 € for a senior tablet and at 1499 € for a computer designed for seniors

Do I need to pay for the installation?


It's free. There is nothing to install.


Is there any minimum term?


It's free and without any commitment


with usually a 12 months subscription

Do I need to pay a monthly subscription fee?


It's free


Prices vary from 10 € to 20 € per month

What should I do when I encounter problems?

I ask a trusted person, in the Hakisa language the Musher, for help

I ask the technical support for help

How much will cost me one year in addition to my Internet subscription?




Between 120 and 240 €

Are you looking for a business solution?

Are you looking for a solution that allows you to simplify the everyday life of seniors and grants and easy access to digital services?

Do you need advice?

You haven't decided on which device to use and you need some purchasing tips for a tablet or a computer? Discover our purchasing tips.